The Individual & Personal Character of the Sign Taurus

April 20th to May 20th

This sign is the first of the earthy triplicity and the first of the fixed signs, and in this sign is concealed will and desire, both of which express themselves, more or less, in the character of the Taureans. This being the sign of solidity it makes those born in it exceedingly solid, practical, and substantial. They are exactly the reverse of all that has been said in the foregoing sign, Aries being all that is idealistic, while Taurus is all that is practical.
The Taureans are slow, plodding, patient, enduring, persistent, executive and matter-of-fact persons. They are remarkable for their conservatism, and they never seem to waste their forces like the Aries types, who scatter them broadcast. Persons possessing the strongest wills are born under this sign, but when living for themselves exclusively, they become as obstinate as it is possible for them to be. They can be very determined, persistent and dogmatic ; they usually speak with a quiet, firm, inflexible and almost authoritative tone. Possessing a considerable amount of physical vitality, the Taureans become very furious and violent when severely angered, but as they are usually slow, careful and cautious, it takes a very great deal to excite them, although when very excited they stand beside themselves with rage. They can do a great amount of good by their steady, building capacity, being capable and able to carry out all plans entrusted to them.
They have perseverance, are steady, patient and enduring. They can be secretive and very reserved, but make faithful friends to all whom they give allegiance. They are excellent companions to those possessing ideas, and as co-workers they are reliable, sincere and trustworthy. They always seem to possess a great amount of stored-up energy which makes. them very tenacious, holding on till something comes to set them free or liberate their stored-up forces.
As masseurs and healers they are unequalled. They always benefit persons deficient in vitality, having the power to magnetically heal and soothe those who•are nervous and irritable.
Schalater is an illustration of what we mean. This wonderful person healed thousands of his countrymen and obtained a worldwide reputation. He was born with his Sun in Taurus, and it was said of him that he had only to magnetize a handkerchief, or anything that he touched, to enable his magnetism to be felt by others.
The mental and physical vitality of the Taureans is tremendous, and persons possessing the finest physique are often horn under this sign. They are fearless and generous, and when the Venus side of the sign is not over active they set no store on wealth excepting to do good with it.
When they concentrate their thoughts they have immense power, and WILL then has the ascendancy over desire, but when the latter is most in evidence they become very worldly and incline to take pleasure in the good things of this life, being fond of feasting and comfort. The Taureans make the best psychic mediums, and they may be contrasted with the Aries types by the fast that they are more inclined to live in their feelings than in their minds. The true Taurean may be said to be one great, feeling individual, but as the sign belongs to the earthy triplicity, it is more often physical and objective than subjective feeling. Taurus governs the neck, and as this is so constituted as to serve the head which turns upon it, it may be said that they make better servants than masters. Being trustworthy they make excellent public servants and representatives of governing bodies, and they are often chosen by the public as officials, and those who may be considered the people's servants.
Taurus governs the throat, hence this may be said. to be themost sensitive part of their organism, but as this sign is the first of the fixed group of signs, the heart is often affected by sympathy, and, belonging to the earthy triplicity, they would suffer from dropsy and tumorous afflictions.
The throat, however, should always have the first attention, and exhaustion through speech or singing should be avoided. They are more inclined to suffer through too much physical force than too little, and when giving way to what is sometimes their greatest fault, laziness, they nurse many disorders that produce rapid, fatal results. When the Venus side of their nature is in excess, they are liable to apoplexy and sudden death. It would seem as though they were benefited best by those things that would assist the Aries types, and it would be better for them to exchange magnetism with others and seek to obtain a more equal distribution of the life forces. They often pass out of their bodies earlier than it would be expected through a kind of magnetic stagnation, and if they were to energize their minds a little more, and live less in the feelings, they would be greatly benefited in health. All tendencies to become morbid should at once be dissipated, as they bring a desponding and melancholic tendency.
These persons have the ability to get money for others, and Taurus being the second sign of the zodiac, which governs finance, they are best suited for all professions in which the handling of much money is concerned. They would therefore make good bankers, stockbrokers, treasurers, cashiers and speculators. When living more in the personal element, they are best adapted for mechanical and laborious pursuits, or where they are required to work slowly, steadily and patiently. They are good at all executive work, but when living more in the mind than the body they are excellent singers and sometimes capable actors. They would also succeed well in life as magnetic healers, doctors, and nurses, also in all agricultural pursuits, such as farmers, fruit-growers, as gardeners, builders, etc., also bill discounters, financial agents, book-binders, manufacturing chemists, compositors, dressmakers, florists, French polishers, house painters and decorators, japanners, collectors, insurance agents, taxidermists, etc.
It would be well for these persons to marry those born in any of the other earthy or watery signs, that is, so far as mental or physical marriage is concerned.
We may say of the Taureans that they possess more vitality than any of the twelve types, and they appear to suffer from an overabundance of life rather than a depletion of it. The words to him that path shall be given," seem to be applicable to these persons, and it is quite natural for them to be reserved, conservative and secretive. It would be difficult, without a knowledge of planetary configurations at the time of their birth, to say whether they would be dominated by WILL or DESIRE. Either one or the other would tend to predominate, but in all cases they would lean more to the objective and concrete than the subjective and ideal, and owing to this they often pass through a period of materialistic thought which leaves a strong impression on their future actions. They appear to be born to realize the practical demonstration of the working of the law.