Zodi - short for 'Zodiac'; i.e. astrology | Star - pertaining to the heavenly bodies making up the constellations.

The influence of the zodiac's symbolism is countlessly reflected throughout scientific, religious, spiritual and cultural history - from astronomy, religion and art to various spiritual traditions influenced by the study and practice of astrology. Astrology itself has been practiced for millennia dating back to at least the 2nd millennium BCE.

The brand concept behind Zodi Star was originally centered around the signs of the zodiac and their astrological meanings. Since astrology is so rich in history and has such a great influence on many other spiritual traditions and mythologies worldwide, Zodi Star was conceived to carry the influence and tradition beyond that of just astrology by offering services and product lines reflecting an expanded, active spiritual lifestyle.

By offering a variety of services including horoscope charting, astrology and tarot reports and FREE content such as spiritual blog posts, quick and simple instruction videos, articles, books and more, Zodi Star provides a wealth of information for the spiritually centered individual.

In addition to the above we offer expansive apparel and merchandise lines. From clothing and accessories to wall art and home decor, you can make your spiritual statement clear for all to see.