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October 23 - November 21

Symbol: The Scorpion  |  Element: Water  |  Planet: Pluto  |  House: Eighth  |  Quality: Fixed
Color: Maroon  |  Motto: I Wish  |  Character: Perturber  |  Archetype: The Actor

Cunning, secretive, austere and determined. Ardent love natures. Self-centered, jealous, resentful, vindictive and uncompromising. Ever ready with stinging sarcasm. Industrious, strong willed and selfassertive. Silent, subtle, tricky, and surprisingly heroic in danger. When ascending, the body is large boned and stout, strong and robust. Hair and complexion dark. Eyes dark, sharp and penetrating. Square face and large teeth. Abrupt in manners. Determined steps in walking. Liable to troubles with the genitals.

Scorpio is the third of the fixed signs and the second or middle of the watery triplicity. Its symbol is known as the scorpion, whose sting becomes the most prominent feature in evolving through this sign. We may find characters born in this sign from the lowest and most degraded to the highest and most exalted, and in this sign there appears to be more scope for extremes of character than in any other. The Scorpio character is somewhat decided and unmistakable, being rarely, if ever, vacillating or feeble. It would seem as though there were two types, the evil and the good, evolving within this sign. It is the eighth sign of the zodiac and marks the higher octave, as it were, after the balance has been turned. It would seem as though the worst products of Scorpio were the failures from the preceding seven signs, whereas the strongly individualized types would be those who had succeeded in learning the mystery of this sign. The sting of the scorpion must be extracted before real progress onward through the other signs can be successfully accomplished. When living the purely personal life, living only for the self, the Scorpio types of humanity are very uncompromising and exacting beings, and their vindictiveness and fault-finding tendencies can be carried to abnormal degrees. Lust and ignorance mark the character of the undeveloped Scorpio nature.

This sign governs the generative system, and when the life forces are scattered and wasted through excesses of sensuality, these characters become like devils, working mischief far and wide, regardless of the suffering which they cause to others. When evil they are unmistakably evil, and with the thoroughness characteristic of the fixed signs, they plunge into sin with a delight that those born under other signs are incapable of, but when they are regenerate or self-conscious, they may reach a great height of exaltation. The generative force within them may be turned into psychical faculty, the "vril" with which they abound is turned into shrewdness and penetration, and they become the true mystics whose awakening vision quickly senses the future possibilities that lie before the soul. They become gifted with what is called second sight, or clairvoyance, and plunge into occultism with a zeal and earnestness that is unequalled. Those who are individualized in Scorpio are remarkable for their keen judgment; they can criticize perfectly and impartially, and they are able to give their judgment in a decisive and clear manner. They are very quick in thought, and can at once see the purpose and meaning of the things they are criticizing. When awakened there are no better types of humanity than those born in this sign, for they then realize what they may become. But when unawakened, they criticize for the sake of criticism and thus become the most exacting and undesirable people. When running along the lower levels they are always mixed up in some tragedy or disastrous affair. They can he very jealous, severe, hard and cruel, but when all this force is turned upward and the passions have been conquered and temperance learned, they are a benefit to others through the great, magnetic power they have for healing. A great deal might be said of Scorpio that would be extremely difficult for the majority to understand. The few that are awakened alone can appreciate the wonderful possibilities of this sign. They have remarkable powers of attachment and seem to contain in themselves the silence of Pisces and the tenacity of Cancer, Scorpio's companion watery signs. They are generally marked for their very dignified manner, and though always affable and courteous, they are ready at any moment to stand upon their dignity. They can be very abrupt and brusque when they wish, but they are always amenable to approval. They have the power of self-control to a very considerable extent, even to the power of controlling the whole of their sex nature, turning it into the highest spiritual development; they are then, as it were, a huge powered-up engine, all ready to start upon a very long journey, but these people are powerless to move or make any progress until they have overcome their very tiresome and trying personality.

The ill-health of the people born in the sign Scorpio arises out of the nature of the fixed and watery signs, which gives rise to inflammatory complaints. They suffer from peculiar and uncommon disorders, which usually affect them in some secret part. They are liable to gout and affections of the heart, but the whole of their disorders may he corrected by conserving their life forces, as they possess unbounded vitality and the power of recuperation to a very marked degree.

As magnetic healers and doctors they find their best outlets to gain success. They have a peculiar knowledge of chemicals and succeed as dyers and chemists, or in any business connected with oils. They make good surgeons and dentists, also detectives, and are well fitted for employment where nerve and pluck are required. When living in the personal life they have success as butchers, smiths, and those who work in metals. They possess the dramatic ability common to the fixed signs.

We might sum up people born in the sign Scorpio as very determined, reserved, tenacious and secretive. They are firm and somewhat proud, and capable of unmistakable traits of character that cause them either to be very much liked or very much disliked. Their somewhat suspicious nature causes them to be distrustful, but amidst all their apparent evil traits of character, they have that grit and backbone which enables them to make higher attainments than those born in the other signs. The wisdom of the serpent lies concealed in this sign, and they may become so discreet, wise and prudent as to possess a genius that is extraordinary. It has been said "the greater the animal, the greater the man" and it may be that in the animal passions there lie the germs of the spiritual force, which, when sent upwards, may achieve great and mighty things. That which seemed to be latent will and desire in the sign Taurus becomes, in this sign, expressed energy. The Scorpio man's desires are potent and charged with the power to attain the object of his desires, but when the desires are subservient to the will, there are none more powerful or determined. As stated, more could be said on this.