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September 23 - October 22

Symbol: The Scales  |  Element: Air |  Planet: Venus  |  House: Seventh  |  Quality: Cardinal
Color: Light Blue  |  Motto: I Balance  |  Character: Conscience  |  Archetype: The Judge

Intuitive, perceptive, impartial, just and harmonious. Amiable and diplomatic. Comparing and reasoning. Artistic aptitude. Loves music, singing and dancing. Changeable, and moody and somewhat fickle. Light and suave. Inclined to build castles in the air. Easily disturbed like the balance. When ascending, the body is generally above medium height, in youth slender and growing stout in later years. Symetric form and fair complexion. Brown or dark hair and blue eyes. Head and face of fine proportions. Square faced. Polite and graceful deportment. Weak kidneys and the small of the back.

Libra, the sign of the balance, the equalizing sign of the zodiac, is the second of the airy triplicity, and the third of the cardinal signs. The individuality of this sign is expressed in justice, equilibrium, balance, order and dispassionate judgment. Those born in this sign are remarkable for their powers of comparison; they seem to be able to weigh and balance all things mentally, as though they were inspired.

Extremes may be found in this sign as in all the cardinal signs, but sooner or later opportunities come into the life to take an impartial and impassionate view. It is the aim of the individuality working through this sign to seek equilibrium, and this causes them to love harmony so much, that they feel exceedingly sensitive until the whole of their organism is in a state of balance.

They have always a kind and amiable disposition, expressing the Venus side of their nature more than any other; this makes them courteous, agreeable and very pleasant persons. They are remarkable for their perceptive faculties, and there is a great amount of inspiration in this sign, so that sooner or later the Libra individuals come to realize that there is an unseen as well as a seen world; this makes them remarkably intuitive, as they are able to draw from both sources. These people possess the most perfect forms produced by any of the signs, through which their soul is able to express itself better than through any other medium. Each of these signs is best studied by knowing its opposite, and in Libra we get the balance of Aries, which makes the spiritual perceptions the keenest and the most manifest, so that they seem to have the ability of getting occult knowledge through inner perception. Their psychic gifts are obtained from the thought-realms, and not from the emotional planes, and this enables them, when fully individualized, to temperately expound the hidden knowledge contained in the one great World-religion. They seem to accept fate in a way that others are not capable of, and realize the justice of all things. When working along personal lines they live more to the form-side of life; they then become exceedingly approbative and very sensitive; they are rather impatient and inclined to be somewhat careless, but their personal faults and failings are such as may be easily forgiven, as they are usually very even-tempered and amenable to the good influences that generally surround them.

When unbalanced, these people would suffer from the complaints common to the cardinal signs. The veins and kidneys would be the most sensitive parts of their organism; their best medicine would be music, harmony and retirement, but they usually possess the intuition on exactly how to bring their physical conditions into a state of equilibrium.

These people would do best in life as overseers or in positions of refinement, where they can quietly and calmly manage affairs through their keen perceptions. They make excellent librarians and secretaries. They would also be good stage managers, and musical directors, and successful in any profession where they could preserve harmony or bring it about in others. They would be proficient in all artistic arrangements and would succeed as decorators, arrangers, housekeepers and other positions of the like.

To sum up the individuality of the Libras we may consider them as inspirational and perceptive characters, always leaning more to the spiritual side of life than the purely physical. They are sensitive so far as the personality is concerned, when not fully self-conscious, but they are always just and generous. They seem to be ever striving to manifest that which must be attained by all humanity—compassion. These people possess knowledge which seems to be the cream of all the mental characteristics of the preceding sign, and with them it may he said that the balance of their individuality brings them into real touch with the highest form of mind that we have any conception of, which can only be expressed as a refined mental condition which is not dependent upon the brain for its physical manifestation.