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May 21 - June 20

Symbol: The Twins  |  Element: Air |  Planet: Mercury  |  House: Third  |  Quality: Mutable
Color: Yellow  |  Motto: I Think  |  Character: Entertainer  |  Archetype: The Jester

Very adaptable and versatile. Kind, congenial, tactful and inoffensive. Great readers and talkers. Inquiring. Quick witted, and quick to learn. Changeable, restless, and dislikes to be alone. When ascending, the body is straight and generally slender and rather tall. Dark hair and brown eyes. Long arms and hands that are always busy with something. In short, Gemini persons are exceptionally expressive in hands, feet, eyes and tongue. Well shaped forehead, oval face. Liable to hurts about the arms and shoulders.

This is the first sign of the airy triplicity, also the first of the mutable signs. The airy triplicity governs the mental conditions of humanity, hence we find those born in this sign living more in the mind, but, owing to the sign belonging to the mutable group, they are dualistic—this being the main feature of the mutable signs, and from this comes the tendency to express two conditions and an inclination at times to be rather easily influenced on one side or the other.

Gemini governs the lungs, also the hands and arms, hence it may be seen that one hand may act differently to the other. These people are rarely content with a single occupation or pursuit, and seem to delight in having two things in hand at the same time. They can very quickly adapt themselves to surroundings or environment and they are remarkable for their versatility, but they are very sensitive and have the ability to reason upon and analyze their sensations. They love change and diversity, and they are always the best to rely upon in an emergency, as they can instantly respond to the requirements of the moment. They love variety of thought and all mental pursuits, and these they sometimes carry into extremes; they seem to take an especial delight in leaving their work unfinished. They will take up one thing, partly finish it, and then go on to another, which they also feel inclined to leave unfinished; therefore their best work is done when co-operating with others, and when working in unity with those who understand their peculiarities they are capable of great attainments in life, but the spirit of diversity often makes them experience two extremes during their life.

They can be generous and also somewhat careful and apprehensive. They. can present a bold front and assertive attitude, and yet he timid and highly nervous. They are conservative and progressive, and altogether quite dualistic subjects, which makes them difficult for others to understand.

We have known people born in this sign who have expressed a desire to be in two places at the same moment, but on the whole they are rather impulsive, and this generally decides the line they shall take. They appear to be unable to stand any worry or anxiety, which quite unnerves them; yet when left alone to work out their own designs, in accordance with their own peculiar methods, they can do a great amount of useful work. They must, however, first realize that they consist of many compartments, so to speak. When they change their times for working and thinking, and in fact, live in a life of change, they can succeed very well; they must have diversity an this may make them appear to their friends very fickle and indecisive. But it is their particular way of working and therefore perfectly legitimate to them.

Throughout the whole of their life they must expect dual impressions and many contradictory states of consciousness. Being very sensitive, nervous, and highly-strung, they should try to analyze the particular mood they happen to be in and it would be well for them to endeavor not to be swayed by the mental thought-spheres of others. They are somewhat ambitious, but it is more a mental ambition for refinement and better conditions.

All those born in this sign possess fine organic quality, and the ability to become very clever. They are certainly quick-witted and mentally impulsive and they seem to draw a great deal on what is really an inspirational nature. The chief characteristics of their individuality are force and motive; when they seek to discover their motives for their actions, they may be considered very progressive, but when they live the unbalanced personal life, they become very diffusive, indecisive and unreliable.

The sign Gemini governs the lungs, arms, hands, and the shoulders, and their disease or ill-health is mostly caused by excess of activity and worry; this brings nervous disorders, which belong to the airy triplicity and consumptive tendencies belonging to the mutable signs, therefore their concern should be less activity and excitement and more a freedom from all anxiety and worry. It sometimes becomes necessary for them to study the laws of hygiene with regard to diet, and they require plenty of sleep.

Geminis succeed best in all work where the hands are employed; they make excellent book-keepers, clerks and commercial travelers; they love variety of employment or positions where the mind can be engaged in two avocations at the same time. Their best outlet is in the literary world. They seem to thrive as editors, reporters writers and bloggers. They are typically very personable and may do well in public service. Good professions may be accountants, promoters, realtors, school teachers, guides, journalists, lecturers, in sales, photographers, employees in travel, leisure & hospitality, secretaries, translators and public office.

They are most compatible with other air signs or fire signs.

We may sum up the Gemini type of person born between May 20th and June loth as dualistic and restless, intellectual and sensational, nervous and irritable ; like the air, to which triplicity they belong, they must ever be moving from place to place or thought to thought. Forming as they do the last of the intellectual trinity, they seem to be able to express the two foregoing signs in themselves, and if we were to think of Aries as the father and Taurus as the mother, Gemini may be considered as the child of these twain. Indeed, it would seem as if they were ever trying to blend the ideal with the practical, the life with the form. All that is contained in the spirit-matter of the positive and negative union of Aries with Taurus is seeking an expression in the consciousness of Gemini. They are, as it were, placed between two poles, and are ever being called upon to decide towards which side they shall lean. The experience of their life is obtained from duality, out of which motive is tp be evolved,