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January 20 - February 18

Symbol: The Water Bearer  |  Element: Air  |  Planet: Saturn, Uranus  |  House: Eleventh  |  Quality: Fixed
Color: Blue  |  Motto: I Know  |  Character: Philosopher  |  Archetype: The Teacher

Humane, kind and obliging, constant and reliable. Retiring, refined, artistic, studious and inventive. Quiet, extremely sensitive and subject to psychological conditions and impressions. Natural readers of human nature. Lovers of science, literature and art and well at home in cultured society. When ascending, the body is seldom above medium, of fine build, round features, rather delicate. Sandy or dark flaxen hair. Restful eyes. Calm and reflective manners. Liable to injury to the legs.

Aquarius is the last of the airy triplicity, also the last of the fixed signs and the center of the serving trinity. Nothing that could be said of this sign at our present stage of evolution could possibly convey the idea of the state of evolution to be reached when the whole of humanity advances to the condition of this sign. Its symbol is the man commonly known as the water-bearer, and that which the perfected man will be in the concrete or the objective world will also be attained in the subjective world by the Aquarian. If we combine the fixed nature of this sign with the airy triplicity, we have the idea of fixed air, from which we may deduce the fact that the thoughts may become fixed and concentrated, and thus become the real. Aquarian individuals are determined, patient, quiet, unobtrusive and faithful. They have the power of concentrating their thoughts, and are generally philosophic and scientific. They lead toward the unconventional, and thus become excellent reformers; they have bright and clear intellects, and persevere patiently with all their pursuits.

They are persons one feels one can depend upon, and they inspire trust by their equable dispositions. They are nearly always kind, humane and retiring. They are exceedingly fond of art, music and literature; but seem to have more ability for scientific studies, and in this they are helped considerably by their intuitive and penetrating nature. When fully individualized, they have a great love for all humanitarian undertakings and concerns that produce harmony for the many; this gives them marked social tendencies, and makes them delight in giving pleasure to others. They possess literary and artistic ability above the average, and are always more or less inclined toward the occult sciences. They make splendid researchers on scientific lines. When awakened, they are patient in devotion and careful in their thought, and develop excellent memories for subjective ideas. The main feature of this sign is the remarkable ability that it gives for the study of human nature; the Aquarian individuals are born character-readers, and they are rarely mistaken in their judgment. They seem to contain the essence of the airy triplicity and possess a mentality of the highest and most refined quality, which makes them natural clairvoyants, clear reasoners, and careful students. When living along the purely personal lines, they are somewhat chaotic, diffusive, deceptive, tricky and clever for their own ends, conceited, somewhat egotistical, apt to use their inflexible wills in the direction of selfish mental desires, and inclined to be vacillating and capricious, often boasting of things they cannot perform. There are very few true Aquarians amongst us as yet. Their day is, however is approaching and we have caught a glimpse of what to expect when studying the lives of Dickens, Edison, Ruskin, and George Peabody; in the clairvoyance of Swedenborg; and in the science of Darwin; all of whom were born in this sign. We may thus gain some idea of what the future humanity may be.

Defective circulation is the chief cause of the troubles common to the Aquarians, when not living healthy and progressive lives. They have more mental vitality, as it were, than physical, therefore exercise and fresh air is their finest medicine. Beautiful scenery and harmonious surroundings, and the concentration of their thought upon good health and perfect circulation, will do much to benefit them physically.

The Aquarians succeed best in life in all pursuits where steady application of the mind and the concentration of thought are necessary; they make good artists, designers, and musicians. They have inventive genius, and are responsible for more inventions for the benefit of humanity than any of the other signs. They would have success in all employments connected with computers, as writers, or in connection with railways.

The Aquarians may be summed up as honest, steady, discriminative, and truly intelligent individuals. They are noted for the integrity and sincerity they possess; the intense and fixed love nature of the fixed signs combined wits the refined mental quality of the airy signs. They are faithful in their love until the end, the love generally living in the higher mind. They succeed in life where others would fail, and have clear conceptions of all they undertake. They are studious and thoughtful, and at the same time versatile. They can retain whatever knowledge they acquire, and are discriminative enough to turn all their forces in the best direction. They are acquisitive without being miserly, and are inclined to leave their possessions for the benefit of humanity. They seem to readily take to strangers, and rarely consider that others are in any way strange to them, and through their excellent ability to read and judge human character they rarely make mistakes in their estimate of others. They all possess the latent ability to become "the MAN" that their sign symbolizes, and when they have united their grand mentality with their polar sign Leo, in which is contained all the feelings, love, and emotions of the heart, they are then able, like the water-bearer, to pour out upon the earth the living waters of life which nourish and sustain all around them. Light and life await those who break away from the personality and live in the individuality of this sign.