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November 22 - December 21

Symbol: The Archer  |  Element: Fire  |  Planet: Jupiter  |  House: Ninth  |  Quality: Mutable
Color: Purple  |  Motto: I See  |  Character: Independent  |  Archetype: The Explorer

Direct and outspoken. Benevolent, hearty "good fellows", democratic, unceremonious and very independent. Unconventional, impulsive, sympathetic and ever ready to help a good cause along. Given to prophecy. Love sport and the outdoor life. When ascending, the body is generally tall, of athletic build. Dark brown hair and dark eyes, sometimes gray. An open genial contour. Oval face. A carefree carriage. Liable to hurts to hips and thighs. The days about November 30 and December 16 and 19 give weak eyes, especially if birth is close to sunrise.

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, who stands ready to shoot from his bow the arrow which is said to never fail in hitting the mark, which means that they have the power of prophecy for their special feature. There is an idea of freedom conveyed in the symbol of the archer, and of these individuals, it may be said, that they always aim for the highest. If we can judge of the individualized Scorpio character now standing prepared to shoot from the bow his self-generated thoughts, we can imagine that this sign will fulfill all the mysticism contained in the preceding sign. Sagittarius is the last of the fiery triplicity and the third of the mutable signs; it therefore represents the union of qualities of the head and heart, now sent upward in devotion to the Heart of all things. When fully individualized, those born in this sign are great lovers of law and order. They are very intuitive, very prophetic, and possess the power of sending their thoughts wirelessly to any distance that they wish. The seer and the prophet are born in this sign, and we find these individuals to be the most self-confident and self-reliant of any of the signs when awakened. They are always looking forward with a bright, hopeful, and happy disposition, which makes them full of hope and full of joy for the future. They know intuitively that the future state is far better than any that have preceded it; this lends them the power of inspiration, which makes them always enterprising, progressive, and prophetic. They seem to possess one thought at a time and that thought carries them on to the goal they wish to reach. They have a decisive way of expressing themselves which can never be mistaken, for behind it is the intuition that knows. It may be said of those born in this sign that their failings are those that can be easily forgiven; the worst evils have been left for the sign Scorpio to work out. When personal they may be very personal they are then restless and inclined to be over-active, very highly strung and nervous, with a tendency to become petulant and irritable. The personal Sagittarian is a blunt, brusque, and outspoken character, and he may become very exacting and somewhat domineering. When perverted, their nature is exceedingly rebellious, never willing to submit to the least restraint, and when angered they know just where to hurt their victim, which arises from their ability to sense the weakest spots in others; then, with the arrow, fully charged with hurtful speech, they know just how and where to wound.

There are very few at our present stage who can express all that lies concealed in this sign. This being the ninth sign of the zodiac, the house of guru or teacher, we may foresee what humanity is to become by a knowledge of this sign. It represents first science, then philosophy, and finally the true religion; and we find the Sagittarians leading to one or other of these three attributes.

The scientist may remain experimenting in the regions of science, quite unconscious of the philosophy and religion that are ever close to him; and the philosopher may go on philosophising without attempting to turn his energies into devotion. As the third of the mutable signs, we may, at our present stage find many indecisive characters born in this sign, who are quite uninteresting and often very indolent persons. We may again find a great majority led on by teachers whom they are content to allow to shoot their arrows for them; but the awakened Sagittarian is the true marksman who shoots his own arrows from his own bow and marks out in thought the ideal that he himself will seek to climb to. The Sagittarians have nearly always clear mental pictures, and they are able to imagine that which they wish to see. It is the sign of the future, the promise of a coming humanity, whose thoughts will no longer be scattered, but directed to the goal which all must reach.

Sagittarius, being a mutable sign and having sympathy with Gemini, its opposite, the lungs would be the first part of the systems to show signs of weakness; but this would be produced by the over-activity of the Sagittarian, who would scatter his forces and thus deplete the vitality. Walking exercise will always be the best for those born in this sign, they would then be able to recuperate and draw into themselves the vitality needed, but in this they should be careful not to over-exert themselves. Being naturally fond of sports and all outdoor exercises, they usually live healthy lives, but they are more liable to accidents than the other signs, and more often suffer in this way than from disease.

Born in the fiery triplicity, in common with the fiery signs, they make good military men; we might think of the Aries as the common soldier, Leo as the captain, and Sagittarius as the general or commander. The common soldier would rush headlong into the fight with the impulse and impetuosity characteristic of his nature; the Leo captain, with his determination and decision and practical thoroughness, would be able to lead and direct with perfect control; while the Sagittarian commander, with his foresight and prevision, could command, knowing just where to direct the energies of his forces. The Sagittarians make good teachers, clergymen, lawyers, astronomers, photographers, designers, inspectors, equestrians, horse-dealers, sportsmen (professional and amateur), and advance-agents.

To sum up the character of the Sagittarian individual, we may consider him as an introspective, impressionable, active and enterprising person, always frank, honest, generous and sincere; loyal to whomsoever he becomes attached, and generally wise in his love expressions. Although not so demonstrative as the Aries, or as steady and fixed as the Leo, still the Sagittarian is expressive in his feelings. The Sagittarians make splendid characters when allowed perfect freedom. Being lovers of liberty, they can recognise the law of order and harmony; but when bound or placed under any restraint, they become fretful, irritable and rebellious, and it is then difficult to restrain or pacify them. They will never willingly hurt, but when pushed to extremes are inclined to say much more than they mean. They always like to do one thing at a time, and are in this quite different to their opposite sign, which seems to desire to leave things unfinished; but not so the Sagittarian, who, being of one thought and one mind, likes to accomplish that which is in his mind. The persons born in this sign may reach to a great height of prophecy, and they may make great attainments in the world on spiritual lines.