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February 19 - March 20

Symbol: The Fish  |  Element: Water  |  Planet: Neptune  |  House: Twelfth  |  Quality: Mutable
Color: Sea Green  |  Motto: I Believe  |  Character: Seeker  |  Archetype: The Martyr

Sensitive and very mediumistic. Sympathetic and gentle. Negative, shy, timid, loyal and dependent. Confiding and trustful. Easily led. Fond of sensation and inclined to drift. Lovers of peace, ease and security. Habitually live in their feelings. When ascending, gives a small stature, fleshy, weak and tired. Brown hair and water colored eyes. Round face and small teeth. Walks with a waddling gait. Frequently troubled with their feet. The days about February 27 give weak eyesight, especially if born close to sunrise.

This is the last sign of the zodiac, the sign of the fishes. It is the last of the watery and mutable signs. Its symbol represents two fishes tied together, one swimming in one direction and the other in the opposite. In some respects this sign represents the failures of humanity, and for this reason it is somewhat difficult to express all that is conveyed in the symbol of this sign.
There can be no such thing as a real failure; but if we were to think of a progression through all the signs, and then think of the sign Pisces as representing, on the one hand, those who had succeeded in extracting the virtue from each and, on the other hand, those who had failed to accomplish, we might obtain some idea of what is meant by the term often applied to this sign of "self-undoing". We do get apparent failures in life indicated by this sign; and these are the people who may be said to live an entirely personal life, to the total exclusion of the individual, their consciousness, as it were, functioning only on the very lowest levels of manifested life. They are then over-restless and over-anxious, lacking life and energy, apparently undecided how to act, and always waiting for an opportunity. It is exceedingly difficult to interpret this sign with any degree of clearness, for not one in fifty born in it will ever admit his own character. They nearly always pretend to be something different from what they really are, and as they are usually hampered with an over-abundance of self-esteem and approbativeness combined, it becomes very difficult for them to admit their failings. A considerable amount of the personal Pisces character appears to arise from a lack of decision, and being very receptive to all the conditions that are around them, they find it very difficult to become fully individualized, and therefore are usually a bundle of inconsistencies tied with the cord of discontent. There are more mediums born in this sign than in all the others put together; in fact, they are so very mediumistic that they rarely know themselves from other people, and are ever ready to attribute their failings to the conditions that are around them. They are more easily obsessed than any of the other types, and are so exceedingly psychic and receptive as to draw many, spirits around them, who live quite peacefully in their floating aura. Possessing very strong emotions they become very attached to their friends, quietly accepting their advice and opinion and endeavoring to act upon it whenever it is convenient. They are very changeable and imaginative or probably, what is more correct, fanciful; and love to live in a world of romance. They are fond of sensational novels, and greedily devour everything of an exciting nature. Some of the worst types are apt to take to drink under any severe anxiety and worry, and to give way to the worst forms of temptation. When becoming individualized and more self-controlled, they are very patient, gentle and submissive persons, possessing a quiet understanding ; as they awaken and unfold, they become deeply interested in occult phenomena.

Their character, as it grows, becomes more confiding, more trustful, but rarely self-reliant; although they are capable of being very honest, amiable, loving and kind, with an abundance of sympathy. They are ever apt to be more timid than bold, and it will usually be found that where self-esteem is lacking, approbativeness will take its place, and vice versa. It is essential that they live pure and clean lives, as they are more magnetic and liable to absorb evil influences than any of the other signs. The dualistic nature of Pisces makes it very difficult to extract the good from that which appears bad; they love roaming about; are sometimes rather fastidious and too fond of detail; but are, however, very hospitable, and seek to do all in their power to make those dependent on them comfortable and happy. As caterers, hotel proprietors, nurses and those who minister to the welfare of others generally, they find their forte in life.

The Pisces individuals seem to be more liable to consumption than the other mutable signs; but they seem to cause this themselves, by despondency and melancholia. When worried, their digestive conditions are disordered, and this produces many other troubles. Through being over-anxious and worrying they often weaken their system and suffer from functional disorders. To preserve their health they should be very cleanly in their habits, avoiding all impure magnetisms and infectious diseases.

Picses are generally fond of the sea, and they succeed
 best in life in all pursuits connected with the sea, or water, and as sea‑
captains or naval men they are in their right vocation. They are 
good travellers and advance agents; they make good novelists, book‑
keepers and accountants; and are successful as painters, and any 
employment that brings some kind of change, or where attention to 
details is necessary, and where they may complete the work of others. 
It would be difficult to find the word that would express the
 Pisces individual, excepting it be that they are excellent mediums and are able to receive some of the impressions coming from the preceding signs. They are emotional and secretive, patient and meditative, kind and generous, imitative, receptive, and peaceful when living up to the best of their nature. They seem to possess a peculiar understanding of their own, and love to investigate phenomena. They are nearly all more or less drawn to spiritualism, or the investigation of the unseen. If it be true that they come under the planet Neptune, which is supposed to govern Pisces to a considerable extent, then it's no wonder that the sign is difficult to express; but as there are extremes in all the signs, we may expect in this, as in the others, some very good and also some weak characters.