Personal Outlook

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Personal Outlook is designed to stimulate your interest in Astrology and give you a deeper understanding of your personal motivation, challenges and strengths. We can either choose to live life, following well-worn paths, the easiest options, or we can discover that we have, something unique and of value to contribute.

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The moment you were born

Astrologers believe that our character and the events that occur in our lives are influenced by the alignment of the planets at the moment of birth. However, we are still able to exercise free will and make creative choices. Your Birth-chart is a map of the solar system, a blue-print for your life.

Interpretation of birth-chart

Your birth-chart is essential if you want to take your study of astrology further. Looking at the meaning of each planet in turn, Personal Outlook describes the extent and intensity of the relationship between the planets that are representative of you as an individual.

Career Potential
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