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July 23 - August 22

Symbol: The Lion  |  Element: Fire |  Planet: Sun  |  House: Fifth  |  Quality: Fixed
Color: Gold  |  Motto: I Want  |  Character: Cavalier  |  Archetype: The King

Forceful, magnetic, generous, and impulsive. Has a strong and ardent love nature. Moved through the heart rather than through reason. Commanding, resolute, courageous and high spirited. Sometimes boastfully asserting superiority. A staunch friend and a noble enemy. When ascending, the body is usually large, well built and of a stately carriage. Ruddy complexion, light brown or golden hair and blue or gray eyes. A sonorous voice, and elastic step. Liable to hurts to the back. The days about July 28 and August 18 give weak eyes, especially when born close to sunrise.

Leo is the middle sign of the maternal trinity, the second of the fiery triplicity, and also the second of the fixed signs, therefore it may be said to hold the central point in the zodiac, and when joined with the next sign it certainly contains the essence of the whole twelve signs. Leo governs the heart, therefore it will be from this centre that the character of those born in this sign must be judged. Standing, as this sign does, in the centre, we shall sometimes find the forces of the heart running upward or downward, but only in those who are fully individualized, or, as it is termed, self-conscious, shall we find the consciousness centered in the heart; generally speaking, the emotions are fully active in the Leo characters. They are forceful and highly magnetic, and possessing an abundance of vitality, they carry with them an aura that is beneficial to all. They are genuinely kind, warm-hearted and loving, but usually like to express their love in action, their emotional nature being deep and of the heart. They can be impulsive and diffusive, but it is usually the impulse of a generous nature. They possess a very attractive individuality and are always decided characters. They are usually very practical with regard to their ideals, as they prefer to live them rather than talk of them. While the Aries nature usually spins wonderful ideals in thought and ever seems to be straining after the unattainable, the Leo types are silently and quietly seeking to make them realities. This comes from their wonderful faith, which they inherently possess, and their motto is generally, " Whatever is, must be best," but this comes when the Leo nature is awakened and the desire has been sent out to unify the individual will with the Supreme Will. Being the centre of the fiery triplicity they possess a very strong love nature, which makes them very ardent and sincere in their affections.

As the second of the fixed signs they have more unity of will and desire, and in contrast with the Taureans, act more on the side of will than that of desire. The Leos love to rule, but it is more from the heart and motive than from the head. They are philanthropic and always obey the impulses of the heart where sympathy is concerned. This sign produces individuals who are more thorough than any of the other signs, and they seem to combine the practical with the philosophical and the ideal with the real. When self-controlled they are wonderful individuals, being able to influence great numbers. They have the power to send their thoughts to any distince, and when conserving their energies, heal through sympathy. They seem to radiate from their centre a beautiful warmth like the Sun, which is ruler of their sign. But when turning their forces downward and living to the personal side of life they are very amative, with very strong passions.

It is sometimes found that the weakest and the strongest individuals come out of this sign. The weakest are those who are easily led through their feelings, which is often caused by associating with those who take advantage of their Leo nature; they then fall into dissipation and may become dissolute characters, but within, the true spiritual fire is ever burning, and phoenix-like they rise out of the dead ashes of themselves to greater and nobler things.

This sign is known by astrologers as the house of the Sun, and it is through this sign that the rays of the Sun become more powerful and more fully charged with potent life and energy. When Leos seek to become self-conscious they seem to make more rapid strides in this direction than those born under other signs, and possessing as they do such very sensitive natures, they are able to readily respond to spiritual influences; their faith then becomes marvelous, and the whole of their life seems to be devoted to doing good to others.

Leo, governing the heart, causes this part of the system to be the centre, most easily affected when the character is inharmonious and the life running to discord and disorder instead of peace and progress; they then suffer through the circulation, which sets up many troubles of a more or less feverish nature, and this in turn reacts upon the mind, bringing gloom and despondency. It is essential for the well-being and perfect health of all Leos that they have a certain time, if only a few minutes each day, when they can be quite alone and at perfect rest. This enables them to start the machinery from the heart at an even and harmonious rate of vibration. Their best medicine is love, peace, and harmony.

All Leos succeed best where they have authority, or hold some high and responsible position, but in trades or professions they will do best as jewellers or goldsmiths, as writers of love stories or dramatic sketches. They would also make excellent musicians and poets. Although they possess great strength and vitality they are not fond of laborious work, and they can only be really happy in positions of trust and management.

We may sum up the Leo as a firm and self-controlling individual and one, who is ever aiming at high and noble things. They are all born with a nobility of character which can only he counteracted by contradictory planetary influences.

They are generous to a fault, faithful, sincere and earnest, and although somewhat ambitious and persevering, it is nearly always turned in the direction of self-perfection. This sign gives the intuitions of the heart, and as the centre of the maternal trinity it holds and binds all the others by the power of love.