The Individual & Personal Character of the Sign ARIES

March 21th to April 19th

This sign governs the head and face, hence the consciousness making the character of the Aries individual will always express itself through the head ; this sign is the head of the fiery triplicity, and belongs to the cardinal signs. We find persons born under the rule of this sign always looking forward, they are leaders in ideals and pioneers of advanced thought. They have great mental energy but are inclined to be very headstrong and impulsive. They are always prophetic, and love to predict things that will happen. They can look ahead into the future and foresee things with remarkable clearness of vision. When freed from other influences and not slaves to their personality, they become truly clairvoyant, and are remarkably gifted in this direction. This sign gives extreme ideality, and those born under it are more ideal than practical. They are alway s full of new schemes and plans, ever exploring and originating. They are fond of constant change, loving novelty, romance and speculation and nearly always live in a world of theory. They are very highly strung, sometimes hyper-sensitive and are remarkable for their perception. They seem to live more in the perceptive region of their brain than the reflective, and they are rarely deceived where perception is concerned. They are extremely sensitive persons, with all the senses fully alive, excepting one; with them the consciousness being more readily expressed in the head, they have keen sight, sense, taste and hearing, but from the fact of their being more alive in the head they do not feel, and are therefore less sensitive to touch in other parts of the body. They are very self-willed and often self-opinionated, and it is exceedingly difficult to restrain them, as they are always inclined to act upon impulse without waiting to mature their plans. They are frank and outspoken by choice, but often combative and assertive. They are generous from impulse, and are fond of reason and argument. They can be both skeptical and credulous, but the former mood often sways them. They are decidedly lacking in caution, being far too venturesome and often running to great extremes, at times even lacking in discretion, but never in zeal and enthusiasm.

They are ambitious persons, who love to engage in great enterprises. With them the intellect is the main feature, but they always find it difficult to understand their own emotions and feelings. They are too often inclined to fly off at tangents and will rush into danger somewhat recklessly. When not living up to the highest strength of their character, they have a tendency to jealousy, they expect loyalty from others and may be somewhat exacting in this respect. When fully individualized, these persons make very grand characters, especially in all pioneer work, their enthusiasm rarely being daunted by obstacles. When their mind is made up they seek to overcome all opposition, more by their dominant will and masterful spirit than by simple perseverance. They are interested in all matters that are occult and metaphysical, and love to live in:a world of theory ; always intellectual, they make splendid companions, being affable, genial and witty. They are never at a loss for a word, and make excellent conversationalists ; as a host or hostess they are full of little plans for making those around them happy, and they can always be relied upon to provide plenty of entertainment.

They love harmonious surroundings, and, possessing artistic tastes, they generally seek to make their environment as beautiful as possible. It is not easy to deceive those born during the period of this sign's influences, and were they to cultivate their clairvoyant talent they would be remarkable for their powers of psychometry, or what is generally termed intuition. They sense others in a remarkable way, going straight to the core with those in whom they are interested. Their mental sympathies are always quick to respond to the least good which they may find in others. They are sometimes too hopeful with regard to their enterprises, and generally over-estimate. They are good at all work that does not require sustained effort, and where things are required quickly and promptly, they are the people who can do them best, but their mission in life is to inspire and lead, as they are directors and promoters, designers, prophets and teachers.

The head being the most sensitive part this will be the first to give out, as it were ; therefore, when the health fails in the Aries person, severe headaches result. As Aries governs the face also, the eyes suffer when the system is depleted, and they are liable to suffer from neuralgia. This being the head of the cardinal signs, the stomach and kidneys suffer by reflex action. It is essential for the physical well-being of the Aries character that they have plenty of fresh air, also daily exercise ; the best cure for all their physical ailments is peace, quiet, and rest. Amidst harmonious surroundings they can recuperate and recover that which to them is essential—balance.

They will do best in life as organizers, leaders, architects, designers, company promoters, phrenologists, character readers, agents, brokers, appraisers, auctioneers, surveyors, salesmen, detectives, guides, and couriers, traveling companions, house and estate agents, inspectors, foremen, managers, lecturers, novelists, writers of short stories, photographers, reformers, elocutionists.
The Aries types would marry well with those born in Sagittarius from November loth to December loth, provided the planetary indications' on the joint horoscopes were harmonious, but the Aries person would benefit most by union with those born in Leo from July loth to August 20th, as the opportunity would then be offered of joining head with heart. The Leo's being more practical than the Aries, a better blend would be obtained from this union. The fiery and airy triplicities being in sympathy, it is out of these the best unions will arise, the Aries person would find those born on earth or water too practical or too emotional to suit his idealistic tendencies. The Aries person, really requires to unite with those who can draw out his CONJUGALITY, which is more latent in this sign than any of the others.
We may sum up this sign of the zodiac, which governs all persons born from March loth to April loth, as belonging to the intellectual trinity. Their aim in life always appears to be to live in the mind and intellect ; this makes of them very independent characters with clear and decided ideas, with a spirit that is dauntless, fearless and aspiring. Their greatest fault when perverting their gifts is deception, and they are often clever enough to deceive successfully ; but when strongly individualized, their independence enables them to rise above mean and petty action, and their pathway is always on the road to clear thought, which finally leads to the perfected intuition.